About Moi

I’m a proud Los Angeles native. Inspired by my therapist, I took some memoir writing classes so I can tell the world about my life – a wonderful mix of strip clubs, catholic school, Star Wars, murder and prison.

So far, I’ve been published in the following outlets:

You can hear more about my story in a news segment produced by the Los Angeles public radio station KCRW here: KCRW UnFictional

I am a newly obsessed scuba diver, I really really miss my BFF Anne and well, I think I’ve covered just about everything for now…

You can also stalk me on twitter at @lewoodsy.

Thanks for reading! A bientôt…

17 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. I’ve just started reading your blog & I’m totally sucked in.
    You’re quite the writer. Sorry for what’s happened, but I can tell
    You’re a survivor & you’re doing it right! Good catholic school day
    Memories. Go Regents!

  2. My Father is a Lifer, convicted in 1986 by the State of California , Orange county. He killed a pimp while impersonating a officer. I went thru vary similar circumstances. I even lied on the stand for him at his trial. It has been over 25 years and still going. The hairs are standing up on my neck! I just came across your blog and I need to read it again. When you need to talk to someone email me. There is no easy way to handle this. Thank you Brett

  3. Laurel-I just heard your interview on NPR and was very impressed with your story and perspective on things. You are an enchanting young lady with plenty of material (life experiences) to share with others. So here I am a white, 59 yr. old business owner listening to you tell the story about your family, your dad and strip clubs and it was all very entertaining and certainly sad at times. I lived in LA during those years, so I can easily recall the atmosphere of LA and the valley and their endless hot sunny days. I lived in Encino and my uncle had a ski school right on Ventura Blvd. call, “Ski World”. It was a ski deck with a revolving astro-turf carpet glued to a giant rubber belt that we would spray with silicone in order to keep the surface slippery for skiers to ski on. The ski deck faced Ventura Blvd., right across the street from a Ralph’s grocery store. I actually taught celebrities and others how to ski even when it was 90+ degrees outside. Life in LA during the 70’s was some of the craziest times in my life as it seems to have been for you. Keep up the great writing and stay strong.

  4. Laurel, hope that your visit to California this past weekend went well!!! I was thinking about you all weekend! Thanks again for the great flight from JFK to LAX. 🙂


  5. I was thinking about Anne Hurley Obot today so did a Google search on her to at least find a picture, I needed to see her face today. I came across your lovely writing about your friendship, it made my day. I’m so thankful you shared your adventures and memories.

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