Star Wars Graffiti in NYC

Here’s my man Gusto,, one of my very talented designers. Gus is a graffiti guru and I hired him to do a Star Wars graffiti piece for my new apartment. It’s 5 x 11 feet, HOLY LASERS, OBIWAN!

Here’s a little interview I had with Gus about his galactic experience:

LW: So Gus, have you ever done anything like this before?

GM: No I have not. Not this large size, I mostly do smaller scale mixed projects.

LW: What would you say your biggest takeaway will be? or several?

GM: Probably the experience of getting to play with the lighting effects in a galactic setting, and being able to mix both your ideas and mine to actually build the whole thing.

LW: So are you going to help me hang this bad boy?

GM: Sure, put it in my Clarity.